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All Rights Reserved.Click to Write your Comment. Ethiopian music : The music of Ethiopia is divers with it's ethnic groups of unique sound and different tribes of Ethiopia have their own distinct musical tradition. The music industry of Ethiopian is growing and has a potential to expand internationally. Ethiopian modern music instruments are Guitar, Percussion, Violin, saxophone etc The most inspirational Ethiopian musics old and new collections can be found in this site.

All music files are categorized by artist' s name. Let us contribute to support our Ethiopian artists by buying their original CD'S with high quality. Downloading and redistribution of any media files audio, video and images from this site is forbidden!!!

old oromo music mp3

We respect the legal rights of copyright holders. If you see or fined some contents by mistake that you own on this website, We encourage you to demonstrate enough evidence of ownership and contact us, so that we will automatically remove it with in 72 hours without any precondition. Learn more about Privacy and Copyright Policies.

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When you listen mp3 musicsYou can launch the player and it will be popped up. The benefit of popping up the player is that folks can navigate around the site, going from page to page, without interrupting the playback of each track. A pop up window keeps the player in a separate window and allows for uninterrupted playback. You are so Amazing and super talented man.

I am so proud of you Broo! Kep it up the good work! I loved your web page both the interface and the content. It shows some additional features and one step ahead of what I have been experiencing so far. God bless you and God bless Ethiopia. This is a great beginning.

I would like to encourage you and appreciate this effort, which I believe you will work hard to improve it further. Thank you for your effort to bring our country Ethiopia to the level where developed countries reached in terms of information communication. This is wonderful work. Please keep up the strong spirit of National development.

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I am proud of you. God bless you! My name is Ephrem, I love technology and enjoy developing website, designing graphics and other goodies.Listen to your favorite tunes from the Microsoft music catalog on any device with a Groove subscription.

Watch and Listen the latest and oldies oromo music and other ethiopian music with many oromo popular musician Alibira, Kemmer Yesuf, hachalu Get access to over 60 million tracks andvideos, streaming with lossless quality. It comes with essential iOS features, utilizing the power of apple device for Oromo The first Oromo Multilingual Dictionary for your powerful Apple mobile device.

You be able to translate most spoken European languages into Related Searches new oromo music. Sort by. Back Close. Free Only. Editor Rating. User Rating.

old oromo music mp3

Apply Filters. Results for oromo music. Related: new oromo music. User rating. Publisher: Devian Studio Downloads:Groove Music Pass. Publisher: Microsoft Downloads: 9, Oromo Music. Publisher: Oromo Technologies Downloads: Publisher: MJ Media Downloads:TubeMate 3. Oromo Music Video. Oromo Music Videos. Publisher: Hagerigna Apps Downloads: 8. Publisher: Aspiro Downloads: Oromo Bible. Publisher: Nippt Downloads: An Ethiopian refugee will spend at least 12 years in prison after pleading guilty Tuesday in the strangulation death of his wife during a fight about money.

Arab Mohamed Ali, 35, was charged in February with the first-degree murder of year-old Safaya Dadacha. Nuhoon wellisaa hangaftoota Oromoo kessa isa tokko, akkasumas wellisaa warraaqsaa yeroo dheeraa hamma dirree qabsootti deemee WBO jajjabeessaa ture dha. Alii Birraa weellisaa, qindeessaa, walaleessaa fi sabboonaa nationalist Oromooti.

Aliin Fulbaana 29, magaalaa Dirre Dhawaa naannoo Lagaharree jedhamutti dhalate. Ali Birraa born September 29, is a famous Oromo singer, composer, poet and nationalist. His parents were separated when he was three years old, after which he was brought up by his father. He attended Arabic school as a child where he learnt Arabic language. He then enrolled in local academic school and pursued his education till the sixth grade.

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Best of Muktar Usman - Oromo Music Collection.

Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? See more of Oromo music on Facebook. Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Megersa Hurisa. Ibsaa Muddasir. Abduqadir Alwan. It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser. Posted by Abdiin Koo Rabbii Qofa. Hawwii H. Hellee - Kadijaa Hajii fi Tujar Sofiyaan.

Amin Hussen - Dureettii Oromo music new Ethiographics Photography is with Natti Rock and 3 others. Oromo music.Ethiopian music has come a long way from its original traditions of being strictly associated with the Tewadeho Orthodox Church.

Scroll down for new Ethiopian music download mp3 Amharic music began to take hold during its "Golden Ages" which came during the 's and 's when a plethora of talented singers and musicians flooded the Ethiopian musical scene. It was an era when artists had the freedom to explore their talents and express themselves through their music.

This soon changed when the revolutionary Derg government took power and forced many of these bright stars to flee the country and migrate to primarily Western countries. Considered only to be a slight speed bump in the evolution and growth of Amharic music, the artists continued to produce and perform their music in their adopted countries, to the delight of their eager audiences.

Tizita songs slow and romanticEthio Soul, Ethio Jazz, etc. The diversity of Ethiopian music has provided audiences with a variety of intriguing styles and cultures. Globally, the music of Ethiopia, be it Amharic or any one of its other languages has been accepted and even awarded in various international competitions.

Although, still in its infancy, the music industry of Ethiopia and its numerous talented and bright stars will surely provide worldwide audiences with sounds unparalleled anywhere else. She grew up in the capital city of Addis Ababa and by the age of 13 began performing in clubs and hotels. ByAster Awoke would relocate to the United States and continue to perform music in clubs and concerts in Washington DC, which has the largest concentration of Ethiopian Diaspora.

She would go on to be an Ethiopian and African music superstar winning awards on the continent and having a huge audience base from all over the world.

Tilahun Gessesse was born in Wolliso, Oromia, in and went on to become Ethiopia's musical treasure.

old oromo music mp3

He would be nicknamed "the voice" and become one of the most famous singers in the country, during the "golden ages" of Ethiopian music in the 's. Through his recordings, Tilahun rallied the population to raise money for the famine during the 's and was numerously awarded. He passed away inafter returning from the United States and was given a well deserved state funeral with thousands of his loyal fans attending.

Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed, an ethnic Gurage, was born in and fell in love with music at an early age, through music on the radio.

Bad at school, he would go on to shine shoes at Emperor Haile Selassie I's favorite after hours spot. The chance of a lifetime came to young Mahmoud when one of the band's singers was missing, and he asked to take his place. He managed to keep the job till when he went on to become a hit singer. Through the years, Mahmoud would become an international star, representing Ethiopian music in European, American and African tours.Listen to your favorite tunes from the Microsoft music catalog on any device with a Groove subscription.

Hi how are you next I want to demonstrate in less than two minutes, simply control this application Ethiopian Classical Music, without having to Ethiopian Music - Ethio Circle brings you amazing an platform to enable Ethiopian music fans to enjoy listing Ethio music on hand held devices.

Get access to over 60 million tracks andvideos, streaming with lossless quality. Related Searches ethiopian. Sort by. Back Close.

Free Only. Editor Rating.

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User Rating. Apply Filters. Results for ethiopian music. Related: ethiopian. User rating. Publisher: Devian Studio Downloads:Groove Music Pass. Publisher: Microsoft Downloads: 9, Ethiopian Music. Publisher: Arki Apps Downloads: Publisher: Hagerigna Apps Downloads: 4.

Publisher: MJ Media Downloads:TubeMate 3. Ethiopian Classical Music: Ethiopian Music. Publisher: TechnologyAP. Ethiopian Music Player.Prompt delivery of orders.

When you phone them always efficient and helpful.

Holy Quran in the Oromigna (Oromo) Language MP3

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Desalegn Bekema – Asimba- New Ethiopian Oromo Music 2018(Official Video)

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old oromo music mp3

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